First Newsletter Published

The first newsletter of the DIGICOR project has been published at the end of September 2017. The publishing of the newsletter also marked the end of first year of the project. During the first year, the project has made significant progress in terms of developing coherent understanding among project partners about the DIGICOR platform architecture and the functionalities of various tools and services. The newsletter takes a lighter approach on the technology aspect of the DIGICOR project, leaving it for the 2nd year issue that will cover the implementation ramp up phase of the project.

In the current issue, the Newsletter compiles a number of articles focusing on the collaborations needs, benefits and existing solutions that can enable or facilitate collaborations. The Newsletter also provides an overview of the different activities where DIGICOR was involved. Finally, there are some articles describing the project itself and its relevance with the previous activities or projects.

The Newsletter can be downloaded from the Outcomes section of this website. Any feedback or comments about the Newsletter can be submitted through the project Facebook page:

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