Frequently Asked Questions

Here we provide answers to some frequently asked question. If you can't find answer to your question then feel free to contact the project representative(s) using the contact details provided on this website.

 01  What is DIGICOR Platform?

DIGICOR Platform is a virtual space with associated software tools and services that enable companies to perform the following activities:

  • Register and advertise company profiles  

  • Advertise tenders for the supply of parts or material

  • Form consortia that bring together different companies to address specific requirements of a tender

  • Exchange information and documents in a secure and trustworthy way

  • Setup collaborative production and supply processes with real-time risk management support

  • Prepare and submit bids against advertised tenders 

 02  Who can advertise tenders on the DIGICOR Platform?

Any company registered on the Platform can advertise tenders. Similarly, any company registered on the platform can submit a bid against an advertised tender.

 03  Who will offer and manage the DIGICOR Platform?

DIGICOR Platform will be hosted and managed by SME associations such as Hanse Aerospace or SME Cluster that are ideally placed to facilitate collaborations among their member companies.




 04  Who can initiate a collaboration or consortia formation? 

Any company registered on the DIGICOR platform can initiate a collaboration. Companies can participate in one or more tenders at any time. The Platform offers match-making functionalities, allowing companies to search and engage with suitable partners.

 05  After submitting a collaborative bid, what next?

Once a collaborative bid is submitted through DIGICOR Platform and approved by the tender owners, the successful consortia members can use collaborative workflow management, planning, scheduling and risk management tools, from DIGICOR Tool Store, to coordinate and manage production and supply processes.