Product offering

DIGICOR provides an open platform, tools and services that allow European companies to create and operate collaborative networks across the value chain. Some of the key concepts developed in the project are elaborated in this section of the website.

Strategic Collaborations


DIGICOR collaboration platform provides vital communication and decision support services to companies, particularly SMEs, allowing them to plan and control collaborative production and supply networks.

In particular the DIGICOR platform addresses the integration of non-traditional, small but innovative companies or service providers into the complex supply chain of large OEMs. The platform will significantly reduce the burden to setup production networks and collaboration between SMEs, will shorten the time to jointly respond to business opportunities and to enter supply chains of large manufacturers and will simplify the management and control of the production and logistics execution.

The DIGICOR collaboration platform provides the relevant services and interfaces to connect information sources inside the factory as well as from outside, e.g. from collaborating companies in the production network. The support for interconnecting and integrating heterogeneous data sources across the collaborative network will enable the design and execution of transparent and more efficient production and supply processes. In this respect, the DIGICOR platform intends to support the collaboration along the product life cycle from collaboration setup and specification of the product to collaborative design, development, production and supply to the OEM.


Marketplace and Toolstore


DIGICOR marketplace provides match making functionalities, allowing SMEs to find and interact with suitable partners.

The primary function of the Marketplace is to facilitate the contracting of business with potential suppliers. On one side it can be used by the demanding partner to post a call for supply, on the other side it can be used by suppliers to respond to such calls.

In order to allow dynamic formation of supply networks, the Marketplace will support the decomposition of a supply call into different parts/stages with exact roles and delivery dates. The different stages of a supply call can be assigned to local resources or to other partners in the virtual supplier consortium.

The Marketplace provides the mechanisms to breakdown a call and relevant contract work into individual tasks. Here, the Marketplace contracting function can help to identify the best fitting partner for a supply (including the logistics). Several potential partners can be evaluated and several aspects / indicators can be taken into account while awarding the contract. For example reliability, costs, quality.On the demand side, after establishing the contract, the Marketplace allows the monitoring of progress in the individual stages of the contract.  

The tool store offers technology solutions and aid planning and control of collaborative activities.

Governance Framework

DIGICOR governance framework and procedures sets out the terms of collaboration and rules of doing business on the DIGICOR platform. The framework allows SMEs to collaborate and exchange information in a trustworthy environment. 

The framework sets out machine-readable governance rules and procedures to ensure that the collaborative networks are formed and operated under appropriate regulations and in accordance to the specific OEM supplier management policy.

The governance rules rely on a formally defined model of distributed collaborative work where each activity is defined by its contribution to the overall goal in a recursive approach. The rules specify the guidelines and regulations on formal business contracts where companies are given responsibility for activities, and ensure the results of the activity conform to the relevant regulations. The governance rules may also cover the process used by a company to implement its activity, ensuring compliance at process and at results level.

The governance framework also specifies the model for knowledge protection within the DIGICOR collaboration platform; in particular the regulations and mechanisms for sharing the information necessary to collaborate with independent legal entities for joint offers and later on collaborative production and supply activities.

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