Manual & Videos

In this page you can find the user manual of the Digicor Platform Portal as well as videos related to different tools associated to the portal.

DIGICOR Platform Portal manual

Version 1.0

Free to download

Factory Connector tool

How to bring (map) local data from factory sensors to a collaboration level, so key partners know where their orders are within production. (Video contains no audio)

Company profile and Tool store

How to edit company information which will be used for matchmaking. Also how to purchase and install tools from the Tool Store

(Video contains no audio)

Tender and matchmaking

How to create a Call for Tender and How to participate in a Tender

(Video contains no audio)


How to set up collaborations, from start and due dates and collaboration goals, to processes and policies.

(Video contains no audio)

Dynamic factory connectivity

How to set up factory connector dynamically via DIGICOR portal.

(Video contains no audio)