DIGICOR in Big Data London 2017

The success of a collaboration platform is dependent upon the interactions that take place between different stakeholders of a domain. A collaboration without interaction, whilst possible, is not sustainable in the long term, a lack of interaction generates conflict and restricts the further growth of interactions. Using these principles, the DIGICOR partners are participating in a number of related events with the aim to disseminate the project ideas and also to look for collaboration and community building opportunities. The latest of these events was Big Data London 2017 where DIGICOR partner Information Catalyst or ICE exhibited the core ideas of the DIGICOR platform.

The BDL event, one of the largest event in UK focusing on data value chains, was attended by over 5000 participants. The attendees of the event showed interest in the predictive maintenance and supply chain coordination modules of the DIGICOR project. The ICE representatives were met with representatives from SMEs and OEMs, showing interest in the collaboration potential of the DIGICOR platform. The level of interest received in the BDL event highlights the need and urgency of developing digital platforms that can enable and support multi-sided collaborations in industrial value chains.

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