SME Networking and Sailing Event

DIGICOR project partner Hanse-Aerospace organises a sailing competition every year to provide a networking and team building opportunity to its member SMEs. This year the competition attracted over 150 participants from over 26 manufacturing companies from the aerospace sector. Overall 22 teams registered for the sailing competition and out of these, 2 new teams joined the competition for the very first time this year. These 2 teams were composed of DIGICOR project partners, who were invited by the organiser Hanse-Aerospace to join the event as a team-building activity and also to take advantage of the SME networking opportunities offered by the event.

The event provided an opportunity for DIGICOR partners to directly interact with the target users of DIGICOR platform and learn about their needs and expectations from a collaboration platform. One to one interactions with target users provided valuable feedback and suggestions on the technical aspects of the DIGICOR platform. The feedback and suggestions will be formalised and merged with existing requirements on/for DIGICOR platform.

The two DIGICOR teams also performed well in the sailing competition, securing 6th and 12th positions out of 22 participating teams. This combination of fun (team-building) and work (user interactions, networking) is definitely recommended, especially in the distributed environments of the European projects.

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